High-Speed Subsea Laser Communications

The Need

Underwater short-range communication designed for seabed, with high data rate (ca.100Mbps) and high energy autonomy of several months, would enable a wide range of applications to digitalise and improve operations in subsea exploitation.

The fact that high data rate influences power consumption through transmission time means that no off-the-shelf product is able to respect all the requirements, while offering an energy autonomy of several months.

The Project

BlueThink has designed, prototyped and tested a communication system able to verify the reliability of the system in realistic conditions.

The Benefit

An optical communication network, associated with high energy autonomy, can enabling subsea communications reducing, or eliminating, the need for telecommunication joints. 
This means saving a huge amount of men-hour work, speeding up the submarine factory operations considerably and enabling high speed data communication with the surface.

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