Cost-effective Energy Storage

The Need

Powering a network of autonomous robots requires a large on-going investment in Li-ion batteries and the infrastructure around them. Given their cost and limitations our client was looking for a more cost effective solution for their next design.

The Project

By deeply understanding our client’s operation we were able to carry out a detailed Technology Scouting activity with the aim of reducing the cost of ownership required to power the robots.

With solutions ranging from energy recovery, charging technologies, different energy storage options, battery protection, and their combinations, we were able to estimate the total cost of ownership for different solutions.

The Benefit

This activity suggested two main strategies with immense potential to reduce the cost of ownership of the energy storage technology. One for a short term solution compatible with the current design, and one thinking towards the future. The latter included a new operational plan to increase system efficiency and resulted in savings of over 50% against the most optimistic projections.

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