The Need

For a global luxury car manufacturer the driving comfort and perceived quality of their vehicles is key. This is particularly important when considering the cockpit given the constant interaction it has with the driver and the passengers.

This central component is not only a vital part of the car interior, but must also provide crucial visual feedback to the driver. In order to fulfill both it aesthetic and functional requirements the various surfaces and instruments must eliminate glares and reflections that could dazzle the driver, while displaying the necessary information in a natural way.

The Project

BlueThink carried out a Resident Consultant activity where a BlueThinker with experience in Perceived Quality and Automotive design curated the car’s cockpit to reflect the luxury feeling across a series of models.

This activity included the specification and design of the different surfaces of the cockpit to reduce dazzling to a minimum and position instruments to optimise their visibility.

The Benefit

The project improved the Perceived Quality of the luxury car interiors while improving safety and driving comfort by ensuring a consistent and objectively validated process from early concept, through co-design to manufacturing.

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