Market Insights

Technology-based Market Analysis

Whether it is a new product or an update of an existing one, it is crucial to understand the market demand. A thorough Market Analysis will expose market characteristics, opportunities, volumes and locations. These aspects can then be translated into evidence-based specifications to guide the development process. This translates into lower risk and cost with a shorter development time, ultimately, reaching customers sooner and with the right product.

Technology Leverage

Our technology-based approach allows us to reverse the process in order to discover new opportunities for a particular technology in new markets. This approach, called Technology Leverage, allows companies to create value from technologies and patents they already hold, generating new revenue streams and granting stability against single market fluctuations.


These Market Insights are generated by carefully analysing reliable data gathered using different strategies, including IP assessments, literature research and key experts interviews, resulting in a multi-source view of the market.

By combining different competences and backgrounds our ad-hoc teams can generate unique perspectives that unlock unexpected opportunities for our clients.

Case Studies


HVAC Systems for EV and E-bus

The Need Heating in HVAC systems for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles is powered using the waste heat from the engine. In Electric Vehicle (EVs) there isn’t (enough) waste energy so the system needs to be powered by the main battery, decreasing the vehicle’s range, which is arguably the most important parameter for customer. A…

intra oral scanner

Features to Conquer the Market

Carrying out a detailed technology-based market analysis gives a new development a solid foundation and a clear objective.

strategy for product launch

Go-to-Market Strategy

Working with a large Pharma company BlueThink supported the creation of a strategy to launch a new product.

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