Our approach to innovation uses carefully selected technologies to satisfy a well characterised need in a market. We offer a complete solution to manage your innovation project from concept to manufacturing. The combination of real world experience, deep understanding of market with technical industry expertise offer our clients a solid structure to build their success stories.

Competences and Services

Market Insights

  • Technology based market analysis
  • Market characterization 
  • IP valorization
  • Technology Leverage
  • More info

Innovation Management

  • Project management
  • Technology Landscaping
  • Risk management
  • Road mapping
  • Innovation task-force
  • Product Specification

Business Support

  • Business models
  • Go 2 market
  • IP portfolio management
  • Partnerships
  • Supply chain
  • Innovation events

Services tailored to your needs

Workshops & Events

Organise a tailored innovation events to boost creativity and cooperation in your company

In-house Development

Optimise your resources by developing your project with our team in our labs

Resident Consultant

Total control and knowledge transfer by bringing our consultants to your team

Discover today how our expertise can help your project succeed

Case Studies


HVAC Systems for EV and E-bus

The Need Heating in HVAC systems for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles is powered using the waste heat from the engine. In Electric Vehicle (EVs) there isn’t (enough) waste energy so the system needs to be powered by the main battery, decreasing the vehicle’s range, which is arguably the most important parameter for customer. A…

intra oral scanner

Features to Conquer the Market

Carrying out a detailed technology-based market analysis gives a new development a solid foundation and a clear objective.

strategy for product launch

Go-to-Market Strategy

Working with a large Pharma company BlueThink supported the creation of a strategy to launch a new product.