BlueThink’s Way

Problems cannot be solved by thinking within the framework in which they were created

Albert Einstein

Through our cross-sector expertise we provide our clients with a fresh perspective and a new source of innovation. This multidisciplinary approach can address the specific needs and challenges at each stage of the product development cycle, from idea to manufacturing.


Our unique Solvers Network gives us, and our clients, instant access to the latest cross-sector enabling technologies to speed up ambitious innovation projects without the need to compromise.

Our unique approach has been applied in hundreds of projects delivering excellent results and creating satisfied clients, who keep turning to BlueThink for their innovation and development needs.

Strategic Design

The objective is to UNLOCK opportunities by understanding the market and transforming its characteristics into volumes, locations and technical specifications to guide a successful design.

BlueThink's Strategic Design Logo
  • IP Understanding
  • Competitive landscape
  • Key features
  • Concept design
  • Market characteristics

Technology Scouting

This divergent-convergent approach is ideal for the creation of a landscape of cross-sector technologies to ENABLE innovative solutions for specific challenges.

BlueThink Technology Scouting logo
  • Client’s need
  • Design Thinking
  • Technology landscaping
  • Gap evaluation
  • Supplier and partners

Engineering & Prototyping

At this stage the aim is to DEVELOP and validate the new solutions. At this point, carefully planned development, prototyping and testing loops help refine the design to the point where it is ready to transfer to manufacturing.

Industrialization Support

Once the solution is ready, our team can offer continued support to ensure that the transition is smooth and that any issues that arise while you PRODUCE are resolved promptly.

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  • Supply chain
  • Production processes
  • Optimization
  • Injection Moulding
  • Electronics
  • Assembly

Services tailored to your needs

Workshops & Events

Organise a tailored innovation events to boost creativity and cooperation in your company

In-house Development

Optimise your resources by developing your project with our team in our labs

Resident Consultant

Total control and knowledge transfer by bringing our consultants to your team

Discover today how our expertise can help your project succeed

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Expertise Strategical, Mechanical, Electronics, Digital, Design
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